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Should I Switch My Business Energy Supplier?

Deciding which energy supplier to choose for your business can be a mine field at times. It’s not always determined by cost. There are quite a few gas and electricity suppliers to pick from these days, each having different availability in prices and terms. It’s not always best to switch, in a lot of cases the simplest option is to renew with your current supplier and stay where you are. In other cases, there is money to be saved by switching so your business may certainly consider this an option. We here at Switch-Us can run through the best options with you.


What Benefits Can I Find In My Supplier?

Choosing which supplier to have for your business energy is quite often about finding the supplier with the cheapest price. But there are other factors which we advise to also consider:

  • Work out the cost of your business electricity usage, and if you have a gas supply, which do you spend most on?

  • Supplier customer service level?

  • Whether you are interested in having a supply of green energy, and if reducing your carbon footprint is important to your business?

  • Are smart metering options available?

  • Is your supplier able to stay afloat in years to come?

  • Is it easy to switch to and from your supplier?

At the end of the day, it’s your decision and it’s all about what is the best option for your business. We are here to share the prices from across the market with you, leaving you to decide which is the best option for you.

Popular UK Energy Suppliers

There are more than just the big 6 suppliers, there are lots of independent companies supplying in the UK energy market. Sometimes it can be cost effective to use an independent supplier, it may be wise to do your research on that supplier if you’re uncertain.

  • British Gas are one of the leading suppliers, supplying over 40,000 businesses in the UK.

  • EDF Energy is the UK’s largest generator of low-carbon electricity.

  • Opus Energy are the UK’s largest Solar investor, supplying affordable green energy to your business.

  • Npower are being absorbed by Eon, which will naturally increase their market share.

  • Gazprom are one of the world’s largest energy suppliers, also providing gas and electricity to UK businesses.

  • Scottish Power supply over 5 million premises included in both the commercial and residential market.

  • SSE are a leading supplier in the UK and Ireland, and they are another of the UK’s big 6.

There is a lot of competition within the UK’s energy market and these are just a few of the suppliers which you can choose to provide energy to your business. We here at Switch-Us have over 40 years combined experience and are here to help you find the right supplier for you, whether it’s to switch to a new supplier or to renew with your current supplier. Feel free to contact us for any assistance you require.

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